Sep 15

BizVoice Q&A with Annex Student Living CEO Kyle Bach: Eye on the Prize

Article By Symone C. Skrzycki Originally Featured in BizVoice®

BizVoice posed several questions to leaders whose businesses were named 2015 Indiana Companies to Watch. Their observations are telling. Regardless of industry or size, the honorees focus on people, performance and plowing through obstacles as a team. The ability to adapt is a shared strength. Kyle Bach reflects on steps to success and shares his vision for the future.

Q: What is the key to future growth for your organization?

A: The key for any organization – in particular ours – is the ability to scale. We’re currently going through an implementation of how to scale up our business. In fact, we have a third-party consultant helping us through that procedure because it will require significant amounts of upgrades to our current processes and systems, how we evaluate opportunities and how we track various aspects of our business.

Q: How does your approach to challenges influence your company’s success?

A: Not only in our little niche, but (also with) a lot of other real estate developers and certainly some of the multi-family developers, we’re seeing a drastic increase in construction costs. To use that challenge in particular, we’ve taken a few unique situations where we’ve actually started looking at building modular apartment communities. Staying in front of those challenges and being able to adapt before they actually occur is what allows us to succeed.

Q: What is one of the most unique aspects of your business?

A: Oftentimes, we’ll meet with the institutions and communities that we serve, and express to them what it is that our culture looks like. That’s served us very well with our clientele, which in most of our communities consists of the students we serve, the parents, the institutions where we’re located and the communities we’re in. “I had a tremendous collegiate experience. That’s not just from the social aspect. It was the ability to be out on my own for the first time and meeting lifelong friends that I’m still friends with today. (It was) being able to take advantage of various resources that larger institutions provided me. It would be selfish of me to keep and bottle up some of those experiences I had in college. It’s (the company culture) all about the camaraderie and the experience that we’re able to provide internally and then externally to our clients.