Senior Financial Analyst

As a Senior Financial Analyst for The Annex Group, Amanda Krebs is responsible for assisting in the housing development process from inception to closing with a focus on market research, underwriting, financial procurement and negotiations. Krebs is uniquely qualified for the position thanks to her more than two decades of experience working within the multifamily, hospitality and financial industries. In her previous roles she has spearheaded treasury management, nonprofit annual budgeting processes, long-term financial planning and served as an Asset Manager for a lender with a 30B portfolio consisting of different lending programs including HUD, FHA, GNMA, FNMA, FRMA and LIHTC deals. Krebs is also an Agriculture Entrepreneur controlling different land banks in the state through USDA relationships. She brings a wealth of knowledge in multifamily finance while making an impact in the community and advancing the Annex mission.

Education: Associate of Science in Business, Indiana Wesleyan University

Achievements: Certified Regenerative Farming Management through USDA, Asset Management Certificate through MBA, Mortgage Bankers Associate, Certified Hotel Property Management, Hilton Worldwide School of Hospitality