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Vanguard Law Magazine Features Julie Elliott From The Annex Group, LLC

By Taryn Plumb Vanguard Law July 19, 2018

Indianapolis, IN |July 2018 | Julie Elliott – The Annex Group, LLC: The youngest of five children, Elliott is a first-generation college graduate, and she acknowledges that she didn’t have much direction when she started out. It simply seemed like the next best step, so she applied, and was accepted at IUPUI, commuting back and forth from home while working part time at first and eventually full time.  She planned to become a teacher, until one day a mentor encouraged her to take an aptitude test. She was surprised when the results revealed that she should pursue law or politics. She chose the former, switching to the university’s school of general studies, focusing on political science and a paralegal certification.

“It just started clicking,” she says. “It came really naturally.”

After graduating, she began work as a paralegal—without even considering law school. That was, until she took a job with Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, where she was encouraged to do so by partner Angela Stephens-Tarter.

“She saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself,” says Elliott, noting that it took nearly the whole time she was in law school for her to realize that she had earned it and deserved to be there.  Graduating in 2012 in the top 20 percent of her class, she served as associate general counsel at Mainstreet Property Group LLC before joining Annex Group.
All in all, she says, “I came from a humbling background.”

And she hasn’t forgotten it (or taken it for granted): She strives to remember her late father’s advice that life isn’t all about money, spending her free time enjoying family, friends, football, traveling the country or laid-back staycations.

As for The Annex Group, she couldn’t have found a better fit, she says. “I like being a part of the decision-making, the problem-solving, building something and growing something. That includes having the pleasure of working with invaluable partners like Katz Sapper & Miller, First American Title Insurance Company and ONI Risk Partners.”

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