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The Annex Group develops off-campus housing near or adjacent to universities and campuses that are experiencing enrollment increases that have put a strain on housing options for students. These communities are developed with students in-mind with co-living spaces that are leased by-the-bed to create more affordable options for student markets.

Student Housing Fosters a Sense of Community and Promotes Academic Success

Student housing from The Annex Group consists of units marketed to students near college and university campuses. A home away from home, student housing enhances the college experience by creating a space that is conducive to shared learning experiences and provides a community feel. Student housing from The Annex Group offers a place to learn, study, play, relax and grow.

What Residents Gain

By leasing a bed in one of our student housing communities, residents may enjoy:

  • By-the-bed leasing opportunities
  • Furnished apartments
  • Keyed bedroom doors for privacy and security
  • Common areas in each unit
  • Roommate selection (when available)
  • Shared community amenities and spaces
  • Benefits

  • Convenient Location: Student housing communities from The Annex Group are located near campus and educational institutions, making it easy and quick to get to and from class and home multiple times per day.
  • Affordable Living: Rental housing prices are notoriously high around college campuses. Student housing from The Annex Group offers competitive rates that appeal to students with by the bed leasing options.
  • Supportive Environment: When living in a student community, residents are surrounded by others pursuing education. This creates a lifestyle of learning throughout the community.
  • Community Feel: Student housing communities offer ample opportunities within events within the community spaces. Enjoy amenity areas - both indoor and outdoor- that make gathering and connecting easy.
  • Flexible Lease Opportunities: Because students are graduating at different times and moving on, new availability within our student housing communities occurs often.
  • Ample Amenities: Our student housing communities are full of meaningful resident amenities. While each development is different, student housing may offer a fitness center, study rooms, bicycle parking, pool, community center, BBQ areas and more.

    How We Do It

    With decades of experience developing quality housing communities, The Annex Group pinpoints locations around the country that have the greatest need for student housing. We spend an incredible amount of time and resources scouring the country for areas where the need is high. This allows us to produce communities that experience high leasing rates and meet residents' needs.